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Kaleidoscope Festival is an international festival of contemporary art held in Tuzla BiH, which brings together artists of contemporary art from all over Europe.

The festival was created 2009th year, as one of the activities within the project Culture II, together with the Municipality of Tuzla, City Bologna and the University of Bologna (Department of Educational Science, "Giovanni Maria Bertin"). Culture Project II, due to the significant contribution of the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna, was created with the intention of strengthening the local competence in the field of development of resources in culture for tourism promotion of Tuzla. The project reached a different significant results, including the formation of a kaleidoscope - International Festival of Contemporary Art.

The mission of the festival is to create a harmony of differences, to adjust contrast and to exercise the art of dialogue between people from different backgrounds.
Kaleidoskop festival 2013

    Photos by: Mirza Durakovic