Atrium Zeleno Zvono

Opening of the atrium Zeleno Zvono in Zrenjanin, Serbia with Kulture Kick and 3macke 100godina...

Paper Plane Project

The simplest ideas are often the best. A man named Occam once said that, and its truth is obvious to this day. Take a simple idea like a paper plane. It is basic and unassuming, almost ingenious in its simplicity. Now take that same paper plane, animate it, and send it to visionaries...

Nebula Creativa

Group exhibition “Inside”, July 2-5, 2012. Exhibition took place at the student cultural center of Novi Sad called "Fabrika” (Factory), and was created by students of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, as a part of International Festival of Alternative...

Luminous Synergy - Slovenia

“Luminous Synergy Project “ took place July 18-23, 2011 at creative camp Sajeta in Tolmin, Slovenia. Beautiful light patterns were projected on the town square building fronts. Audience was able to interact at the event, through use of the “light catchers”...


Video by: Inka Krčmar
Inside Nebula

Nebula Creativa aimed to represent symbolically a place where the stars are born and worlds are created. Interstellar cloud of star dust contains energy of primal creation and all that is near is drawn inside.


Ambiental - Works


Luminous Synergy is an international collaboration of light artists Djurdjica Terzić, an architect and light art painter and Chongor Farkas, musician and multimedia artist.

Besides creating our own imaginative light art events, we also enjoy in combining our work with the work of other artists. Our techniques are used in creating scenography for music performances or original lighting sets for paintings and sculptures Making their acts and art pieces look even more exquisite.

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