About Us

"Shaping light and mass celebrating a joyful moment it is neither the art nor the artist existing always between everything ... love expressed"

A quote from our friend: Lobsang Tenzin, who kindly commented our work!


Chongor Farkas and Djurdjica Terzic

Luminous Synergy is an international collaboration of light artists Djurdjica Terzińá, an architect and light art painter, and Chongor Farkas, musician and multimedia artist. Besides creating our own imaginative light art events, we also enjoy in combining our work with the work of other artists. Our techniques are used in creating scenography for music performances or original lighting sets for paintings and sculptures Making their acts and art pieces look even more exquisite.

We strive to make every one of our events a specific experience where the colors of light draw out the best from location and people participating. By creating a particular ambience of light, music and fog, we encourage audiences to interct in this joyous game of trancendng light, through transferring of familiar everyday buildings and surroundings into a magical place among the worlds.

"Let there be light"


Ambiental - Works