The simplest ideas are often the best. A man named Occam once said that, and its truth is obvious to this day. Take a simple idea like a paper plane. It is basic and unassuming, almost ingenious in its simplicity. Now take that same paper plane, animate it, and send it to visionaries around the globe in real time. The endeavor takes on a whole new meaning, a meaning that is manifest in the PaperPlaneProject.

The symbolic flight of paper plane project encompasses multiple countries, effectively spanning the entire globe. Its primary function is to reflect human interconnectivity in the wake of 21st Century globalization. The project will illuminate exactly how easy it is to send a digital paper plane around the world in one night.
Starting in Portland, OR USA, an animated drawing of a paper plane will fly, virtually and metaphorically, through eight countries: USA, Norway, UK, Switzerland, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia, New Zealand and Argentina. Every participant will interact with the plane along its journey. Each stop will showcase one specific corner of the Earth, each stop a new batch of artisans representing her or his specific region and trade. The participants from the other plane stops will have the opportunity to connect with the new group via live feed, before it flies off again. So shall the PaperPlaneProject circumnavigate the globe in a few hours, bringing along with it an international community of free-thinkers and open collaborators.

Paper Plane ProjectLive-feed conference with Portland/Oregon USA 2013

    Photos by: Pest Light