"Luminous Synergy Project“ took place July 18-23, 2011 at creative camp Sajeta in Tolmin, Slovenia. Beautiful light patterns were projected on the town square building fronts. Audience was able to interact at the event, through use of the “light catchers” - styrofoam boards that act as small light art displays. On the festival, there was also a presentation of a genuin new instrument named: The Light Well, wich was presented and played by: Vladimir Opsenica Rus and Chongor Farkas and the rest of the Light Art crew.
Svjetlovir-Light Well, a new midi controlled musical instrument, played with a keyboard, that brings music to light. Manufactured by Zorislav & Gordana Shoyat, through years of research. This unique light instrument consists of 49 different reflectors and offers the spectator (listener) a remarkable experience of music through a wide range of visual impulses that will also bring musical experience to those who aren't able to hear it.